A one day FRIP workshop was held on 16th December, 2016 at FORUM, on the premises of L’Oreal’s offices. It was a 2 hour workshop, under the tutelage of Rabia Naseem, and was attended by 30 employees.


In what was a very limited duration, the topics taught were:-

  • Fractures
  • Choking
  • Fire Injuries



As large of a corporation that L’Oréal is, their hospitality supersedes their growth. The workshop was a truly stupendous experience for everyone involved from FRIP. The participants, who had initially been skeptical about the whole workshop, expecting another seminar on safety, were pleasantly surprised by the course material. Thereafter, they were attentive and eager to learn.



L’Oreal’s employees were highly enthusiastic about learning the techniques and correcting any misconceptions they had garnered over the years. They were probably a bit too overzealous during the demonstrations.

The theatrics involved during the choking demonstration by some of the participants were Oscar worthy. One of the highlights of the workshop was one participant offering a rather more simple solution to relieve choking; scaring them off with Lizards!


 The workshop was quite an enriching proficiency for both the instructors and the participants. FRIP looks forward to working together with L’Oréal and arranging more workshops in the future.