March 5, 2017 By FRIP for Education, News

Contributed by Maheen Kalwar.

A FRIP FOR EDUCATION workshop was held under the supervision of Hareem Syed, on 30th January ’17 at Al Yaqeen School, PECHS campus. FRIP was invited by the school to train their staff members and it was attended by 19 participants. It was a one day workshop.

The topics that were taught include;

  • Severe Bleeding
  • Fractures
  • Choking
  • Heart Attack
  • Heat Stroke management.

It was a three hour workshop with demonstrations at the end.

The teachers were very energetic and eager to learn, especially during the hands-on practice session. The response received from the audience kept the ambience vibrant and high-spirited. For example, when they were asked what S for SAFETY denotes to a first responder, they answered; “Safety of your phone since someone might steal it”.

The school administration was grateful for the educational insight and even requested FRIP manual booklets to reiterate the valuable skills taught.

Altogether, the workshop was propitious and encouraging.