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FRIP For Education

At FRIP, we believe that one of the best ways we can reach out and spread enduring awareness about first response is to train teachers, who in turn impart these essential concepts to their students. In any given class on average one teacher is taking care of 20-30 children, who at any time can fall, seize, fracture bones, choke or otherwise hurt themselves. The knowledge of first response for schoolteachers and educators is therefore imperative and we have the FRIP for Education and the School Safety Project dedicated solely to this task.

Furthermore, FRIP for Education also involves training students of all ages and backgrounds on how to react in emergency situations such as natural disasters, calling for help and managing wounds/ burns/ bites and other incidents that may occur on the school premises or outside it. Some of our projects include working with the Karachi Grammar School, Manzil School, Justuju Welfare Organization and the Citizens Archive of Pakistan (CAP) Summer School program.