On their return home that night, they put their heads together with three other colleagues who were similarly trained in first response, to come up with a solution. There were several challenges to be overcome: the lack of trained personnel, the constant tussle between rival ambulance service providers for victims, the lack of proper on-site coordination, and victim mishandling by initial responders.


Their plan was simple: If they could be trained as first responders, then many other medical students and doctors who already had medical knowledge and training could be easily trained too. These young students and doctors could then respond to trauma themselves, as well as teach the general population basic life-saving skills.

And so, the First Response Initiative of Pakistan was founded.


Our Mission

FRIP’s primary goal is to build a force of highly-trained medical students and doctors, proficient in basic and advanced life-saving skills as well as disaster management, that can respond to emergent situations.

This is the Mass Disaster Task Force.


Our secondary goal, and more likely the one with the larger impact, is to utilize trained members to spread out and impart their knowledge and skills free of cost to those that need it most, with the aim of minimizing the loss of life and limb from trauma and other emergencies.