Electronic Testing: Low Cost, Sustainable & Efficient
In May 2014, FRIP switched from paper-based testing to electronic testing using wireless tablets, using an open-source platform adapted and deployed in-house. By doing so, we reduced the cost of each workshop by over 1000 rupees, with the additional savings of valuable volunteer time.
Quality Control
Protocols and guidelines in the management of trauma and emergency situations do change, some quite frequently, and we update our teaching and testing materials to reflect these changes. A strict check is kept over what is being taught, and how it is being taught, with our instructors being evaluated for each workshop they teach. This system of feedback helps us develop our greatest resource, our members, to the best of their abilities.
June 2014 marked the publication of the first edition of FRIP’s EMERGENCY RESPONSE IN PAKISTAN: A MODIFIED TRAUMA RESPONSE GUIDE, intended as a quick-use reference for medical and non-medical professionals in dealing with some of the most common emergency situations encountered.

A second edition, greatly expanded with new topics and illustrations, is currently in the final stages of editing.