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The Department of Education offers FRIP's Life Saving Curriculum to students of all ages. Through three programs (Basis, Intermediate, Advanced) and fun initiatives like the FRIPPY Activity Book and Camp, they equip students with the knowledge and skills to respond to medical emergencies.


The Department of Education is deeply committed to enhancing the safety of students. Collaborating with students and educators from diverse backgrounds, the mission revolves around equipping them with the knowledge and skills required to respond to a wide spectrum of medical emergencies, ranging from minor playground mishaps to life-threatening situations.

The Education Department cater to students of all age groups and educational levels through three meticulously crafted programs within our Life Saving Curriculum:

1. THE BASIC PROGRAM caters to students aged 5-9 (Grades 1-4).

2. THE INTERMEDIATE PROGRAM is tailored for students aged 9-13 (Grades 5-8).

3. THE ADVANCED PROGRAM is designed to benefit students from Grade 9 onwards, as well as university students, faculty, and staff.

Each program is thoughtfully structured, featuring interactive presentations and hands-on demonstrations. The content and difficulty levels are expertly calibrated to suit the cognitive abilities of each age group. We offer the flexibility of delivering these programs either in a physical, on-ground setting or through online webinars. In tandem with our commitment to students, we place equal emphasis on training the staff, faculty, and administration of educational institutions.

FRIP for Education aspires to achieve the overarching goal of seamlessly integrating First Response training into the educational curriculum of Pakistan.

Among our notable initiatives, the FRIPPY Activity Book and the FRIPPY First Aid Camp stand out. The activity book is an engaging, play-based educational resource featuring crosswords, stickers, craft projects, and intriguing facts and trivia related to First Response. The camp, initially launched as a Summer Camp, opened the doors of the FRIP Center of Resuscitative Education (CORE) to the general public's children, along with their guardians. Both these endeavors are strategically designed to cater to the younger audience participating in the Basic and Intermediate Programs.

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