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The Level 1 Department is the foundation of FRIP's volunteer force. They design and deliver the 2-day Level 1 workshop, educating medical and dental students with first response skills while igniting their passion for our cause. This ensures a stream of qualified volunteers who share FRIP's values.


The Level 1 Department encompasses the planning, formulation, and execution of the introductory workshops – specifically, the two-day Level 1 workshop. This department carries a dual responsibility, first in imparting a comprehensive curriculum to medical and dental students nationwide, and second, in igniting their passion for FRIP's overarching vision.

The Level 1 workshop serves as the inaugural step for those who aspire to join FRIP's volunteering force or become part of the core committee. It contributes to the organization's sustainability and growth by ensuring a steady influx of dedicated individuals who are not only well-versed in First Response but also deeply aligned with the values and vision of FRIP. This expansion of the instructor force through the Level 1 department cements its position as a vital cornerstone of FRIP's ongoing success and impact.

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