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The Research, Records, and Development department (RRD) ensures the quality of our First Response Instructor Program (FRIP) through recordkeeping, research, and IT support. They maintain instructor credentials, inform curriculum development, and keep our programs running smoothly.


The department of Research, Records, and Development (RRD) diligently maintains a comprehensive archive containing vital information about the First Response Instructor Program (FRIP). This includes records of Level 1 results, instructor profiles, and workshop statistics, all handled with utmost attention to data security to protect privacy.

These records form the basis for issuing Letters of Recommendation, a practice deeply rooted in RRD's values. These letters are given to each instructor to recognize their dedication and uphold the quality of our instructor team through the Inactivity Policy.

RRD also plays a pivotal role in pioneering research related to first response and emergency assistance. This research informs ongoing curriculum improvements, ensuring our program stays up-to-date with best practices. Additionally, RRD is responsible for maintaining the program's IT infrastructure, including issuing department IDs and resolving technical issues to keep our instructional programs running smoothly.

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